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About Dic

Dic is a simple, console-based disk catalogizer. It can easily add disks to the catalog, search in the catalog, list the files on a disk, search for files, automatically retrieve found files without requiring you to manually navigate through the source media, and more. It has an extfs plugin for Midnight Commander to easily browse the catalog.



The up-to-date documentation (installation instructions, usage, examples, manual pages) can be found in the tarballs, or in the CVS repository.


You can download the latest version from the download page at Sourceforge.

CVS access

The latest development version of Dic can be exported from CVS following these instructions.

Reporting bugs

You can report bugs, add feature requests, etc. at the project homepage at Sourceforge.


Here are some basic examples, to show how easy it is to use Dic: Of course, these are only a few, very basic examples. Dic can do much more (for example search and get in one step). For the complete set of commands and more examples,see the documentation.


Ákos Putz Email: Putz_Akos at yahoo dot com
Antoine Gémis Email: agemis@nettup.com
Seth Remington Email: sremington at saberlogic dot com
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